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Dubsado Will Save Your Sanity, Here’s How!

When I first started my business, I was so disorganized, didn’t know if I was coming or going, and had no clue what I was going to use to try and get my sh*t together lol! I was using a notebook to keep track of my contact/client information, another platform for invoicing, another platform for contracts and proposals. I was a mess and spent more time onboarding a client than actually working on projects I swear. Until I found Dubsado! Here’s why I have a loving relationship with it!


CRM Powerhouse

Keeping track and order to your contacts and client lists is imperative not only for your business, but also for your sanity! Bid farewell to your Excel spreadsheet and step into a much more organized and easier way to keep your client information. I love how easy this system is and that I can use 1 platform for pretty much all of my needs!

Proposals & Contracts

I knew that when I started my business I would need to put in place proposals and contracts to protect myself and my clients. I was using another platform at first that just was such a pain. All I wanted was a platform that I could do as much as possible from one system. Then I found Dubsado! Talk about the best gift that just keeps on giving!! Even if you aren’t a designer, you can customize these documents to fit your business needs. Talk about amazing, fast and easy! It just really doesn’t get any better…. Wait, but it does!!


And this just really takes the cake for me! I can keep track of my client information, send proposals and contracts from the same system, oh wait, I can also send out invoices, track payments and income from the exact same platform?? WHAT!! YAASSS!!!!! It’s just so easy to use, and you can take payment plans and split payments, use different due dates for different payments. It’s just so super awesome I can’t say it enough! Dubsado has made my life and business so much easier and organized, I just couldn’t function without it.


Those are the only features you will find with Dubsado! You can create automated workflows, utilize the appointment scheduler, work with your clients via the Client Portal with personal login information. The list just goes on and on! I hope you have found this article helpful, and that you will check out this amazing system! And because I think you are so amazing and will absolutely LOVE this system, I am giving you my super special savings code GLAMSAVE to save you some money when you sign up!! Trust me you won’t regret becoming apart of the Dubsado fam! Go NOW!!


Ashley Barnes